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How To Parent Better

Parenting is a huge part of life. From the first time you hold your child, they take up a huge part of your life and your heart. Every parent wants to be the best parent they can be and give their child everything they need and want in life. At Mindsight Behavioral Group, we want to support all parents in making the best decisions for their families.

Parenting is very important and often joyful, but can also be very difficult. First time parents might experience anxiety because it is all so new. Experienced parents may question if they are doing everything correctly and want support as they move forward. Parenting classes can give support and validation for parents who want to do their best.

While parenting is often a wonderful and joyful experience, it can also be new and scary and difficult for parents, especially first-time parents. While the newness of the baby is amazing, it can also bring anxiety, questions, and postpartum depression. For these reasons, it's important to have a support system in place to help you conquer those crucial first few months.

In this interview, Carmellia Jackson, a social worker in our Lousiville office, discusses how parenting classes can lend support and provide skills to help you become a better parent.

Who are parenting classes for?

While there is some stigma surrounding what kind of parents go to parenting classes, those misconceptions couldn't be further from the truth.

Carmellia explains that many great parents seek parenting classes for a variety of reasons. Since every child is different, it can be helpful for parents to learn new ways to interact, play, and care for their children. Other parents simply want to continue learning so they feel equipped to handle any situation that may arise with their children.

In addition, any caregiver, co-parenting during a divorce or a brand new parent.

What do parenting classes entail?

  • tips and strategies to engage with their children

  • community and support for parents

  • sharing best practices

  • new parenting tips and what it takes to care for an infant

Why does Mindsight offer parenting classes?

Understanding the whole family system is an important part of any wellness journey. Parenting classes can help give you a strategy to approach your family with purpose and help you stop repeating unhealthy cycles.

If you or a loved one would like more information on parenting classes, reach out to our office. Our caring counselors can help support you in your parenting journey.

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