What is Case Management?


Case management is a Medicaid funded service that uses highly skilled staff that are experts in their communities to assist individuals with becoming more stable, independent, fulfilled and experience an overall better quality of life.  Qualifying candidates can receive the support of a targeted case manager who can work one-on-one with them to secure employment, find stable housing, arrange transportation, work to achieve financial peace of mind and many more services that will help you to feel as though you're not alone. 


How do we help?


Our case managers work with several community partners such as DCBS, county court systems, probation and parole, Family Resource Center, Youth Service Centers, food pantry's, local hospitals, churches, physicians, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, expressive arts non-profits, all to make sure their clients have all their needs met.


What makes us different?


One of our case managers recently started a clothing drive which has collected over 10,000 articles of clothing to be donated to the clients that we serve. If you are a client or community partner and need the assistance of a case manager, please contact our office by calling 606-401-2966 or emailing us at


Contact Us


If you are an individual in need of any of the services listed please Call Our Office and we will get you set up to meet with a case manager within 3 business days!

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