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Welcome, New [awesome] Client!

Thank you for choosing Mindsight Behavioral Group for all your mental health needs.

Check out the video below to find out everything you need to know before your first appointment. Or check out our FAQs below.

  • Should I choose Telehealth services or Face-to-Face services?
    This is really just a personal decsion based upon what your specific needs and preferences are? The Telehealth client is typically a busy professional the does not have much time to spare. Some Telehealth clients are those that have personal barriers that prevent them from coming into a traditional office setting. Telehealth services are all Fee-for Service, meaning our providers only accept cash or credit at time of service compared to Face-to-Face services which accept insurance.
  • How are Telehealth services different than Face-to-Face?
    There are benefits of choosing Telehealth's Fee-for-Service option. Since insurance is not billed in this situation, the provider is not required to complete all of the typical insurance related paperwork. For the client, this means a "jump right in" approach rather than completing Biopsychosocial Assessments, traditional Intake papework, etc. Telehealth providers can assist you with your specific needs right away!
  • What do I need in order to use Telehealth services?
    Telehealth services are very simple and flexible. All you need is a computer or a cell phone. You can log in to our HIPAA compliant platform, used by physicians and other medical professionals across the world, through your computer or your cell phone. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices through an App that you can download. All of this information will be sent to you after you schedule and pay for your appointment.
  • What are the steps to schedule a Telehealth appointment?
    Currently, our clients are only able to schedule appointment with our Telehealth providers by contacting our office and speaking to our Referral Coordinator. We are working towards a platform that will allow you to schedule straight from our website. Step 1: Call our office and tell us you want to schedule a Telehealth appointment. Step 2: Pay for your appointment to reserve your time slot. Step 3: Recieve consents and required paperwork to complete prior to your appointment. Step 4: Enter your Providers Waiting Room through our HIPAA compliant portal. Step 5: Meet your Provider get to work!
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