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Family Counseling Can Help Your Family Thrive In Central Kentucky

Life is hard, but your family can be healthy and happy.

You Don’t Have To Feel Like Everyday Is A Fight.

Every family has its struggles.

It is normal for families to deal with conflict and other life circumstances that may be challenging. Busyness, disconnection, conflict, divorce, death, and more can contribute to the normal struggles within a family.


The problem comes when normal struggles become overwhelming to the point where your family can no longer function in a healthy and positive way. When conflict becomes irresolvable, communication breaks down, and you don’t know how to make things better, a counselor can step in and provide a path for your family to heal together.


Our team of caring counselors can help your family thrive. Your family can come together, learn to connect on a deeper level, and love each other better.

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Keara Jones, LPCA

"When working with families I use the structural family model. I like to give families a chance to
see how they behave and communicate and how it affects others within the family. I also like to remind families that we all have what is in the best interest of the children if there are any
involved. I also let families know that if need be individual counseling is also a part of the
process so that the family can move forward in a healthy manner."

Your Family Is Worth It!

Our counselors specialize in helping families like yours learn to connect, decrease conflict, speak the same language, and give each other grace and space to grow. Even if your children feel a million miles away, you’re moving through a divorce, or have experienced a loss that makes communicating difficult, our team has the experience and expertise to help.


Our clinicians have 20+ years of combined experience in working with families in crisis. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and hopeless when it comes to your relationships, there is hope and we can help. Things can get better! Your family is worth the investment in counseling!

Family Picnic

"The underlying concept of this theory is that we all have several parts living within us that fulfill both healthy and unhealthy roles. Life events or trauma, however, can force us out of those healthy roles into extreme roles.

The good news is that these internal roles are not static and can change with time and work. The goal of IFS therapy is to find your Self and bring all of these parts together."

Walking in the Woods

"An attachment-based approach looks at the connection between an infant’s early attachment experiences with primary caregivers, and the infant’s ability to develop normally and ultimately form healthy emotional and physical relationships as an adult. Attachment-based therapy aims to build or rebuild a trusting, supportive relationship that will help prevent or treat mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression."

Pregnant Woman and Partner

"Structural family therapy focuses on the interactions between family members, works to improve communication between members of the family, and encourages, adjustments in the rules that govern how the family functions.

The treatment’s distinctive features are the conception of the family as a structural system, and the active engagement of the therapist in the process of restructuring the way the system works in order to adjust elements that cause dysfunction."

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Grow Toward Health And Happiness Together.

Every Family Is Different, But Every Family Needs Connection, Communication, and Conflict-Resolution

Families may choose to see counseling for a variety of reasons, such as a messy divorce, the addition of new family member such as an adopted child or a foster child, the addition of grandparents moving in, a death or loss in the family, a move or new situation that causes chaos and disruption in the lives of multiple family members. Many families choose to seek counseling because of conflict in the home that does not seem to ever be fully resolved.


These reasons and more are all valid and can all find resolution with open and frank communication in a counseling context. It may feel hopeless and exhausting, but your family can be whole again!


What your family is going through might be unique, but every family needs the same things — connection, communication, and conflict-resolution. These things increase your ability to strengthen the relationships within your family unit and grow together rather than grow apart.

Mallory Rice, CSW

"I feel that every person in the family plays an important role in the system. All families are different and go through different stages, therefore therapy will look different for everyone. Methods for families in counseling could include, but not limited to, structural family therapy, Bowen family therapy, strategic family therapy, solution-focused, and even attachment-based therapy. I believe that families want what is best for each other and have the capability to achieve goals. I want to support families in being the family system they strive and hope to be."

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