In the wake of uncertain times, finding someone to  TALK to should be easy. 

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Your Norm is Not So Normal.

People have the tendency to revert to panic mode. 

This is normal, however, it is not healthy. Even the most balanced and centered individuals can become shaken during times like these with COVID-19 ramping up throughout Kentucky.


We urge people not to accept emerging or ongoing mental health red flags. If you're noticing symptoms such as increased irritability, intense anxiety, negative thoughts that are not going away. Please reach out and ask to talk to someone. 

Our counselors are on-call Monday-Saturday from 9am-9pm.

 Dial 606-401-2966 EXT 2. 

Our team of online counselors are now offering services through a HIPAA-compliant portal that meets you where you are, literally.


Telehealth and telephonic services are now approved for Case Management as well as Peer and Community Support! 


Our team of Counselors, Case Managers, Peer Support Specialists, and Community Support Specialists are here for you.

Therapy should be as easy and accessible as possible. We provide both face-to-face and online services to our clients. 


Have you ever considered therapy, but encountered too many obstacles to schedule your appointment? If the thought of sitting in a waiting room and possibly seeing someone you know is enough to give you anxiety, or if you're just a busy person with a lot to juggle, teleheath is a great option for you!


Our online portal allows you to access your provider via computer or app and is compatible with iOS or Android. Our Telehealth providers are top-notch clinicians, and they are confident in their ability to help you meet your goals. 

How our Counselors


Our team of counselors, case managers, peer support and community support specialists care about you and your current needs.


So many times people come to counseling only to be disappointed. We want to change that by offering a client-centered telehealth experience.


We want to hear about your expectations, symptoms, and goals so that we can help you overcome depression, anxiety or anything that you are currently experiencing. 

There's not much that can be done face-to-face that can't be done online. 



We have several online support options for you including Counselors and Therapists, Certified Life Coaches, Community Support Specialists,   Peer Support Specialists, and Targeted Case Managers. Each is highly regarded in their field and eager to work with you to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and grief!





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Our Services are Designed


Evidence-based counseling strategies and interventions designed to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and grief. All services are provided by Master's Level Counselors. Click the heart to take the first step.

We care.

Community Support takes your counseling interventions to the next level. Where a counselor is there to diagnose and treat, a  CSS helps reinforce the interventions recommended so that you see results faster and overcome your hurts and hangups.  Click the heart to take the first step.

We care.

This valuable service helps our clients to secure the resources they need during this time of COVID-19 virus. Resources are limited but help is available and our CMs want to be there. Click the heart to take the first step.

We care.

Our Peer Support program was built on the belief that people need people. Our Peer Support Specialists are matched with clients who are suffering from what they have already overcome.  Whether it's depression, addiction, or grief, we've been there.  Click to the heart totake the first step.

We care.


It's normal to have questions about counseling and other support services, especially when it includes an online platform.


Take a moment to call our office and speak to someone who will make you feel cared for. Call 606-401-2966 and ask for our Client Care Coordinator!


Don't have time for a phone call? Send her an email by clicking here.

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