Individual Counseling


Individual counseling is a choice people make when they feel as though they have room for improvement in their life.  Whether it be lacking a clear focus, or struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, or something similar, individual counseling can help you to overcome these obstacles and allow you to reach your highest potential.


Family Counseling


Family counseling is a choice that families make when they feel as though there has been a breakdown of communication, differences of opinions, or situations have come up that are negatively impacting the family dynamic.  The goal of family counseling is to allow each participant to be heard and understood by their loved ones.  In doing this changes can begin and together we can create a more productive and happy family. Our Marriage & Family Therapists have very specialized training and can help you navigate through difficult situations.


Couples Counseling


Couples and Marriage counseling is a choice that a couple has to make together and agree that there is room for improvement in their relationship. The most common concern in every relationship stems from the fact that there is either a lack of communication, miscommunication, or poor communication.  The purpose of couples counseling is to restore that ability to communicate productively so that life's difficult circumstances can be handled in the best way possible.


Group Counseling


Mindsight's goal is to provide at least one group in each of our service areas.  Groups give people a unique opportunity to feel that they're not alone. We offer a variety of group opportunities. 


Online Counseling

Mindsight is now offering easy and accessible Telehealth appointments. This is Fee-for-Service option for those individuals that either doesn't have the time or flexibility to attend traditional face-to-face sessions or those that prefer increased privacy. Click here to find out more about these online services!

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