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Join Our Team! 

Mindsight Behavioral Group is growing daily and expanding into new areas.  Mindsight is always willing to consider any potential applicants that can bring value and become an excellent team member!

Ready to join a team whose mission is to make people feel cared for? Apply now! 


Charlotte, Counselor

I choose to work for Mindsight for the flexibility and support. I choose my own hours and can always reach out to administrative staff for help and support when needed.

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Kelsey, Counselor

I love being a part of the Mindsight team because each department is collaborative in providing the best quality care for our clients. We support each other but also respect each other’s independence.

I LOVE being part of the Mindsight team because I am encouraged and inspired by fellow staff members every day. We all truly care for our clients and that’s what makes Mindsight so special.

Amanda, TCM


Chrystah, TCADC

I love being a part of the Mindsight team because each employee truly cares for every client. Each team member is dedicated to providing the best services possible. Mindsight truly is the best place I have ever worked!

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