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Music Therapy in Louisville, KY

Music therapy is a powerful and effective way to help people manage their mental health issues. It has been used to treat everything from depression and anxiety to PTSD and addiction. In Louisville, KY, music therapy can be found at Mindsight Behavioral Group's location in Middletown, right off Shelbyville Road.

What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses music as a medium for addressing psychological issues. Therapists use music to facilitate communication between clients and therapists, as well as provide emotional support and promote self-expression. Music therapy can help with many different mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, and more.

Benefits Of Music Therapy

Music therapy can be highly beneficial for people who are struggling with mental health issues. It can provide emotional support by allowing clients to express themselves through music in ways that they may not be able to otherwise.

In addition, it can help to reduce stress levels by providing an outlet for tension release. Music has a calming effect on the brain which can help to relax the body and mind.

Finally, it can increase self-awareness and understanding by encouraging clients to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment free from judgment or criticism.

Where To Find Music Therapy In Louisville, Kentucky

Mindsight Behavioral Group in Middletown employs clinicians who practice music therapy. You can connect with one of these caring counselors in person at their office on Brinley Ave or via telehealth on a secure Zoom platform. Our clinicians take insurance, including Medicaid, and have self-pay options if needed, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.

Music therapy is an incredibly powerful tool for managing mental health challenges in Louisville, KY area residents. Combining traditional psychotherapy methods with the power of music, it can be used to provide emotional support while helping individuals better understand their thoughts and feelings in environments free from criticism or judgment.

If you believe that you or someone you love could benefit from music therapy services, then don’t hesitate to reach out today in order to find out more about what options are available near you!

Call our office at 606-401-2966, or visit us online at

Emily Hammons loves to cheer on the UofL Cardinals when she's not planning events as the marketing director for Mindsight Behavioral Group. She is so excited for the new office to open and to serve the folks in the Middletown Community.

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