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How To Build a Parent-Friendly Home-Based Business

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Women have historically borne the lion’s share of childcare duties and have often felt

torn between professional and parental ambitions. Today, many stay-at-home mothers

are striving to have it all, striking out as small business owners while still devoting time

to their kids. Creating a viable work-life balance is an important component of launching

and operating your business, and ensuring it doesn’t become an overly stressful

process is important to your mental health, your children’s well-being, and ultimately,

your company’s success. Mindsight Behavioral Group is a resource to

tap into if you find yourself getting overwhelmed.

Where to Start?

There are many ways to get started as a “mompreneur.” The first is to build a business

as an offshoot of your education or profession. For example, a marketing professional

might consider a consulting business devoted to helping small businesses develop their

brand. Another option is hobby-turned-business. Perhaps you’ve always gotten rave

reviews for your home décor, and feel ready to launch your own interior design

business. A third option is to look at the market and see what up-and-coming types of

businesses catch your eye. You might opt to buy into a popular franchise, work the in-

home party sales circuit, or delve into whatever industry is booming in your geographic

region. Do a bit of research into potential client or customer bases and evaluate what

makes the most sense from a time-and-money perspective.

A business plan is like a roadmap to how your business unfolds, operates, and thrives.

According to Inc., when you create a business plan, you essentially outline your

business concept, how you plan to establish operations, where funding will come from,

who will run day-to-day activities, and how the financial side of things will work. It

includes doing some market forecasting, evaluating your target demographic, and

putting together facts and figures with regard to start-up and operating costs and short

and long-term goals and projections. It’s a detailed process, and it’s essential to

determine if you’re going to seek start-up business loans or other capital.

While you could do it yourself, you’ll be better served using a freelance business plan

services development professional who can help ensure you’re putting your plan

together with all of the necessary components. Read reviews, and ask about delivery

timeline and costs before hiring someone.

Working from Home

If you’re planning to operate as a home-based business, create work-life boundaries from day one. Even if your impetus for starting the business is to create more quality time with your kids, you’ll find this is much more attainable when there’s a firm delineation between your work time and space and your mom time and space.

For example, carve out an office area that’s off-limits, and if possible, set work hours during the day where you’re to be undisturbed. Older kids can learn to respect these boundaries right away, and younger ones may need extra helping hands during work hours, like a mother’s helper or another childcare provider. If your kids are school-aged, you may be able to create a system in which you primarily work during school hours.

Managing Your Time

Effective time management is critical to being a successful home-based business

owner. Schedule as much of your day as you can to help you stay focused and on-track. If you need to interact with customers or clients during the day, and your kids are

home, you’ll want to ensure you schedule them for times when you’re sure you can be uninterrupted. Also, take some time that’s just for you, and just for your kids.

While home-based business owners always grapple with finding a tenable work-life balance, being intentional with your scheduling can help ensure everyone gets what they need. Launching a home-based business when your kids are young can be both challenging and rewarding. Take the planning process step-by-step, heed the advice of Startup Guys and set realistic expectations, and reach out for help when you need it.

Mindsight Behavioral can help. For more information call (606) 401-2966.

About the Author

Eva Benoit specializes in helping professionals with stress and anxiety but welcomes working with people from all walks of life. She works with her clients to discover and explore avenues that will bring them to balance, peace, and improved overall well-being that can last a lifetime. She is the author of the upcoming book, The 30-Day Plan for Ending Bad Habits and Improving Overall Health.

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