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4 Ways Women Can Care For Themselves

Updated: Jun 23, 2023


We are the creators, the homemakers, the soft spot to land, the boss babes. Women are so many things. We work our whole lives to take care of others that many times our own mental health and wellbeing suffer.

In honor of Women's Health Month, we wanted to take a moment to remind all of those amazing women who are killing it while running on empty that we see you and all the sacrifices you make! So here are 4 self-care tips just for you to help you recharge those batteries!

Don’t Neglect Your Sleep

The first self-care tip is to simply take a nap or go to bed early. So many of us don’t get enough sleep. We often think “just five more minutes” and before we know it we are dragging ourselves through the next day saying “I’m going to bed early tonight” and that hardly ever happens.

Most adults on average need anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep per night to be fully rested and ready to take on their day. Studies also show that 1 in 3 people are not getting enough sleep.

To start getting the sleep you need, you can start going to bed and waking up at the same time every night. This will get your body into a routine and before you know it those “five more minutes” turns into “is it bedtime yet?”

Eat Healthy and Drink Plenty of Water

Eating healthy will help you feel better and can help your overall mental and physical wellbeing. I can confirm that when I eat better, I feel better! Discover a new recipe that you love and that your body will thank you for.

Drinking enough water can help in much the same way as eating healthy. It is said that you need almost half of your body weight in ounces of water a day. This can clear up your skin, help you lose weight, and can make you feel like your strongest, healthiest self so you can be at your best to take on the world!

Pick up Your Favorite Book or Dive into Your Favorite Hobby

If you are a reader you know there is nothing like getting lost in the world of the book you are reading. It’s a great way to escape your worries and stress and immerse yourself in another world. Many times I lose track of time and what's going on in the world around me when I get into a good book. Often promising myself “I’m just going to read one more chapter” over and over until I turn the last page and wonder where the rest of the book is. This is a great way to take time for yourself and destress. For me, I will always choose any book by my favorite author, Janet Evanovich!

Another way to practice self-care is to take some time to dive into your favorite hobby or find a new one that will give you joy. Studies have shown that practicing a hobby can reduce stress, improve your mood, and lower the chances of depression!

Invest In Your Mental Health

An essential way to practice self-care is to take care of your mental health. You can do this by scheduling an appointment with a caring counselor who would love to help you develop techniques to be your best self. Even better, you can do that from the comfort of your living room or wherever you are most comfortable with online counseling.

Take some time to show the amazing women in your life how much they mean to you and that you appreciate them and everything they do. Women, remember that taking time for yourselves is essential to your whole-body wellbeing!

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