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Why We Chose Lexington

Mindsight Behavioral Group is growing!

We will be opening an office in Lexington, Kentucky!

We are so excited to bring Mindsight's client care first philosophy to the people of Lexington. To learn more about why we chose Lexington as one of our next locations check out this video with Mindsight's HR Director, Britany!

Hello, I'm Britany, Mindsight’s Human Resources Director. Earlier this year Mindsight announced that we would be opening an office in the Lexington area. Since then we've had some questions. A lot of folks want to know why we chose Lexington. It's so far from our hometown of Somerset.

We will always love Somerset, but we feel like Lexington is kind of the heart of the state. There's nothing like spending the day in Lexington watching the Cats play at Rupp Arena, or going to Keeneland on opening day, or just hanging out downtown watching a local band play. Lexington is just a quintessential part of Kentucky. We wouldn't be the Bluegrass without it!

So we really chose Lexington because we believe in caring for people.

By opening an office in Lexington, we're able to care for people right in the heart of Kentucky, and we're really excited about that. We're excited to bring that atmosphere to Lexington and the areas surrounding it.

So, if you want to be a part of that, and you're looking for a position with a company that values their staff, and really puts the care of their clients first, I'd love for you to apply.

Just click on that link below to apply and we hope to hear from you!

What's Next?

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