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New Year, New Adventures.

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

2020 was a year for sheltering at home, or for many of us, being stuck at home. Most of the adventures that we all had planned couldn’t happen. Concerts were canceled, events postponed indefinitely, vacations were ruined, and so much more.

This was necessary to protect the people in our lives who are vulnerable, but it was hard. Boy, it really was HARD! However, we developed or rediscovered new ways to go on adventures from the comfort of our own homes or from the socially distant safety of the great outdoors.

As we enter a new year with new possibilities, here are a few ways you can find adventure while remaining safe and socially distant.

Take a walk.

Most people have access to a place where they can safely go for a walk. You can make this an opportunity to spend time with people who aren’t in your immediate household.

But more importantly, walks are a great way to get out of the house and clear your mind. It’s a way to exercise without thinking too hard about getting those 10,000 daily steps in.

Watch a documentary.

There are so many different varieties of documentaries that will transport you to somewhere else.

Want to see the Pyramids in Egypt? There are many documentaries about that. You could spend a whole weekend immersing yourself in Egyptian history.

Ever wondered about how many species of animals live in the Great Smoky Mountains? You guessed it! There is a documentary all about the wildlife that call the Smokies their home.

The best part is you can sit on your couch and go on an adventure to somewhere new and learn at the same time!

Many places now offer a virtual tour of their facility. Many famous museums have now started to offer these virtual tours.

Many other museums are now offering this wonderful service! Do some googling to find some that most interest you.

Many zoos and aquariums also offer either virtual tours of their properties or have live feeds of some of their animal exhibits, so you can “visit” from the comfort of your own home.

Walt Disney World also offers 360-degree panoramic views of their parks so you can take a walk through Magic Kingdom or Epcot from your couch at home.

Go kayaking.

This is a great way to go on a real adventure while staying socially distanced!

Kayaking is a relaxing way to be in nature. You can be in a group of people, but still be in your own little bubble of sorts. There are many places that you can go to rent kayaks for a reasonable price. Including Lake Cumberland...

Let's make 2021 the year to continue to go on new adventures, make new memories, and cherish the time we are able to spend with the people that mean the most to us! We may not know what 2021 has to offer, but we can still find adventure all around us.

What's Next?

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