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9 Mental Health Resources for Suicide Prevention

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Suicide is a global problem, and mental health continues to be one of the biggest issues people of all backgrounds and ages experience. When it comes to preventing self-harm, there are many ways to support a friend or loved one – or seek support yourself – regardless of the circumstances.

If you need to talk to a professional, connecting is easy with Mindsight Behavioral Group. But there are other ways to feel better, too. Keep these resources at the ready to help those in need – even if the person in need is you.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Feelings

Feelings can be intense, but that doesn’t mean we should run away from them. Look at ways you can work with your feelings without letting them drive you.

  • Know that you’re not alone – one in five adults experiences mental health challenges.

  • Acknowledge and mourn the loss of your normal, everyday life.

  • Be mindful of what you’re experiencing; sometimes, a bit of time can offer perspective.

Implement Coping Strategies

Therapy is one excellent way to work with your feelin

gs and adjust behaviors. But other coping strategies can help relieve anxiety and more.

  • Adopt both quick and long-term techniques to relieve anxiety.

  • Learn different ways to cope with tough emotions.

  • Recognize the signs that someone needs aid – and offer help.

Photo by Arleen Wiese on Unsplash

Get Help That’s in Your Budget

Don’t let insurance concerns prevent access to quality mental health care. Explore or recommend these options for people who are uninsured or underinsured.

  • Investigate alternative funding options for mental health care.

  • Explore Medicaid or Medicare coverage to determine if you qualify and what may be affordable.

  • Reach out to the national helpline, operated by the US Department of Health & Human Services.

Preventing suicide extends beyond keeping individuals from harming themselves. Offering alternatives, support, and strategies for self-help is an excellent way to address those in need. If you or a loved one need behavioral health support right now, contact Mindsight Behavioral Group for an appointment.

Jennifer McGregor is based in Grandville MI. She is a pre-med student who enjoys writing about health and medical topics and providing reliable health and medical resources for Public Health Library users. Through this site she aims to push reputable information on health topics to the forefront, making them easier and quicker to find.

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