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Top 3 Reasons Therapy Does Not Work

So, you have been seeing a therapist and you are not seeing much improvement. You may think, “Therapy isn't for me.” Before you kick your therapist to the curb, consider these top three reasons therapy does not work.

Man in a therapy or life coaching session in Kentucky. We also offer online life coaching and therapy.

You and your therapist are not a match.

Therapy is an important process that relies on trust. After all, you are trusting your therapist with a lot of information. It is important to have the right match. Maybe you have a difficult time relating to your therapist. Maybe you have advanced trauma that your therapist does not have the skill set for. Whatever it is, do not be afraid to ask to see someone else.

There is no work outside of therapy.

Going to therapy is a great first step towards a better you, but just attending therapy is not typically enough to see the changes you are looking for. Some therapist will assign weekly homework thought worksheets, journaling, and/ or practicing skills. While some of these may sound silly, they serve an important purpose. Continuing the work we do in therapy, outside of therapy, will help you to implement your new skills into your daily routine. Just like going to the gym, if you do not keep up a diet outside of the gym, you lose your progress.

You need more time.

Before considering to end therapy, consider how long you have been dedicated to the process. It usually takes a few sessions to really get started with therapy. Therapist have to complete paperwork and explain some of the processes to new clients. The next session may just be spent building trust with the client. This is not something that should be rushed. Like all great things, therapy takes time.

The decision to end therapy should not be taken lightly. You chose to commit to feeling better, doing better, being better.

If therapy is not helping you to achieve your goals reach out to your Client Care Coordinator, and ask for help.

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