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Recovering From An Affair With Couples Counseling

Has your relationship with your partner hit a rocky patch because of an affair? Are you struggling to fix your relationship but don't know where to turn for help?

Look no further – couples counseling can be a powerful tool in helping rebuild trust, establish boundaries, and explore underlying issues that may have led to the breach of trust. Even though it might seem like there's no way back from infidelity, with professional guidance and patience (from both parties!), couples counseling has proven successful in getting relationships back on track.

Read on to learn more about how couples counseling can help get your partnership heading in the right direction again!

Recovery from an affair/infidelity/cheating usually follows these phases, though it can vary from couple to couple:

  1. Trauma Phase. This phase comes after the affair is discovered. The betrayed partner may feel shock or trauma when they find out about the affair. This phase is often a roller coaster of emotions. These can range from loss and grief to rage and frustration. They can come with tears or conflict. Both partners struggle with thinking clearly during this phase. They may also experience physical symptoms such as loss of appetite and weight loss.

  2. Issues Clarification. During this time, couples begin to examine what led to the affair. There may still be a great deal of emotional instability. But the partners now want to understand why the affair happened. This process can lead to closure. The sooner couples can begin, the sooner they may reap the rewards of closure. This phase may be stressful to one or both partners.

  3. Addressing the Problem. This is when the real work begins. Emotions become more manageable. Partners can then start working on the issues that led to the affair. There will be highs and lows in this process. Guilt and anger can mix with longing for the relationship as it used to be. You can really get to the root of things here.

It’s never easy when a relationship falls apart, especially after an affair has destroyed the necessary trust and intimacy that formed the basis of your connection.

Whether you found out about the affair or were the one who committed it, starting over can seem daunting, if not impossible. But that doesn’t have to be true! With couples counseling and renewed commitment from both parties, relationships wrecked by infidelity can heal in

significant ways and even result in stronger unions than before.

If you and your partner want to continue the relationship after infidelity, couples counseling can help you address your issues in a safe, productive space. A counselor can also provide you with new skills to increase communication, cope with difficulties, and manage emotions.

Caitlin is a Behavioral Health Clinician who helps clients guide themselves into deeper meaning and purpose for their lives. She focuses on finding resources, techniques, and coping skills on their journey for further fulfillment.

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