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Tips for Weathering Crisis & Change Together

We’re all still adjusting to the new normal right now. With the COVID-19 crisis still spreading around the globe, we may be living with these altered routines for quite some time. While these changes and stresses can be challenging enough for individuals, they can be even more stressful for couples.

Mindsight Behavioral Group wants you and your relationships to thrive right through this challenging time. Maintaining some romance and spark while you’re under quarantine definitely isn’t easy, but it is possible when you have the right tools and resources, like the ones below.

Schedule Quality Time for Fun or Romantic Date Nights

Date nights may seem cliche when you’ve been together 24/7 lately, but having quality time together is one key to keeping your relationship strong and healthy.

  • Pop a romantic movie into your old DVD player or stream one for a date night.

  • Date nights can also be part of your self-care plan with the addition of things like massages and yoga.

  • Adding a massager to the mix can loosen muscles and promote relaxation.

  • Why not cook up a healthy and romantic meal, too?

  • You can even snag a cookbook to inspire your culinary explorations!

Do Things For Your Own Health & Happiness

Quality time together is crucial for couples, but it’s also essential to invest in yourself. This can come from several avenues, from self-care practices to alone time.

Spend Time Strengthening Your Bond

Communication is everything when it comes to building and maintaining healthy relationships, but using communication tools becomes even more important during times of crisis.

Research Ways to Reduce Stress & Resolve Conflict

Whether you’re stuck inside with your partner or separated during the coming weeks, conflicts are bound to arise. How you respond and manage those conflicts can make a real difference.

  • Working from home together can be tough, but you can find ways to make it work.