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How to Navigate 6 Big Life Changes Mid-Pandemic

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The longer the pandemic lasts, the more people have to adjust and pivot to make life work. While some things might simply have to wait until the virus subsides, other life changes are happening regardless. Here are five major life changes you might be navigating—and how to make the best of them during the pandemic.

1. Going Rogue with New Hairstyles

When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, there’s no better escape than with a new haircut. In fact, Quartz says changing your hair is a common response to stressful events. While many salons are still open, not everyone is comfortable visiting in-person. That means DIYing your hair cut, with potentially disastrous results. To make things easier, invest in the right equipment and take expert tips to heart. Grab a set of high-quality hair clippers and a special mirror to achieve a DIY haircut you can be proud of. 

2. Buying a Home Mid-Shutdown

As Forbes explains, many potential buyers are putting off their homeownership plans due to the coronavirus. And it’s true that purchasing a house can be a significant challenge during the pandemic. At the same time, many folks who are aiming to become homeowners can’t wait any longer.

If you absolutely must move during this time, take precautions when touring homes (whether virtually or otherwise). It also pays to ensure your realtor is on board with COVID-19 guidelines for staying safe. Steps like wearing masks to showings, utilizing hand sanitizer, and maintaining six feet of social distance are ideal for keeping both buyers and sellers healthy.

3. Switching to Telemedicine

The coronavirus has upended the way we do business, buy groceries, exercise, and even how we connect with our doctors and therapists. Prior to the pandemic, telehealth was a rarity, but now, many doctor’s offices and therapists have switched to telehealth to ensure everyone’s safety while still allowing patients to safely connect for medical purposes or for counseling. And it’s working. If you’ve been hesitant to try a telehealth visit, don’t worry. It may feel awkward at first, but you can still glean many of the same benefits as an in-person visit, particularly when it comes to counseling sessions. For example, offices like Mindsight Behavioral Group provide access to caring professionals who can offer mental health support from a distance.

4. Becoming More Reliant on Social Media

The truth is that during the coronavirus shutdown, plenty of people turned to technology to keep in touch. Normally, experts caution against getting sucked too far into social media. But especially during trying times, Facebook and Instagram can bring people together. You might share more with friends online or join groups for specific interests. And instead of worrying about whether you’re oversharing, focus on how you can stay connected. 

Hopping online can be an outlet for creativity, whether you’re chatting with friends, blogging about your feelings and fears, or finding ways to use the Web to make extra cash. Just make sure to enjoy offline time, too.

5. Starting a New Career

Whether by choice or necessity, you might be headed down a new career path. The good news is that now may prove an excellent time to shift career tracks, notes Fast Company. Plenty of other workers will also have gaps in their resumes. And, if you’ve been hoping to telecommute regularly, during the pandemic is the ideal time to pivot. 

Recognizing your existing remote work skills and prepping for virtual interviews can help you feel confident when the next job offer comes your way. Finding the right opportunity could lead to future growth and benefits, too.

6. Getting a Fur-ever Pet

Since many people have been working (and schooling) from home during the pandemic, tons of families welcomed furry new members. In fact, shelter-in-place guidelines led to a near 90 percent increase in pet adoptions in some cities, noted Wired. 

Still, bringing home a puppy or another animal is no small commitment. You need to consider whether you have the room and the patience for a pet—even after the quarantine lifts. Budgeting for pet costs and developing a transition plan for when you go back to work or school are important steps toward pet ownership right now. Of course, the long-term benefits of companionship and puppy love is a significant factor, too.

Navigating life during a prolonged shutdown can feel draining and frustrating. By choosing to change some aspect of your life, you can feel more in control and find more joy in everyday life. And by rolling with the punches when it comes to must-have changes, you can maintain a positive outlook while taking care of business.

About the Author

"Jennifer Scott is a single mom who writes about the ups and downs of her mental illness on The blog serves as both a source of information for people with mental illness and a forum where those living with anxiety and depression can come together to discuss their experiences. Based in Philadelphia, she enjoys traveling, working with animals, and seeking out new friendships and adventures."

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