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Date Night Ideas For When You're Lacking Funds

Taking your partner on a date is important. We’ve all probably heard about the importance of dating your spouse and not letting life get in the way of showing love in your relationship. When you live with your partner, it can be easy to get into a routine that lets romance fall to the wayside. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the importance of going on dates – even when you don’t have the money for a fancy dinner or even the movies. Even if you don’t live with your partner, you can implement these ideas into your life and create a romantic experience.

When you're low on cash, there's no need to sacrifice a good date night with these budget-friendly ideas

  1. Movie marathon day/night

    1. Not to generalize, but I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves movies. New movies, old movies, comfort movies, etc. Pick a movie, or series of movies, and curl up on the couch with some popcorn or your snack of choice. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can even create a blanket fort in your living room and hang out in it. Sometimes it’s fun to be five again.

  2. Game day

    1. No matter what your choice of console is (Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox), you can find cheap multiplayer games that can bring out your competitive edge and make for some fun times. Maybe you already have some games! You can even make it interesting and say that whoever loses the game has to take the trash out or mow the yard.

  3. Park date

    1. Louisville is full of nice parks that you can walk around and even have a picnic at! No need for a fancy picnic basket or an elaborate meal, whip up some sandwiches and spend some quality time together at your local park.

  4. Make dinner together

    1. Taking your partner out to dinner is a classic date, but it can get expensive. Especially if you opt for dessert. Save your money and show off your culinary skills by cooking dinner together (if your kitchen space allows it). You can listen to music, sing along, or just talk about different things to reconnect.

  5. Look up local discount classes

    1. Some places like painting classes or cooking classes will offer discounts on certain days, and you can get by spending less than $25 on an experience. For example: Whet Your Palette on Evergreen Dr offers half-off all canvases on Tuesdays! Even if painting isn’t your forte, you can request the help of the employees and create something beautiful together.

  6. Hiking

    1. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there are a lot of local trails you can go on! Just don’t forget your bug spray and sunscreen.

  7. Camping

    1. Have a tent and some sleeping bags? Embrace the beauty of your own backyard and camp out! You can even throw in some star gazing for the added romance factor.

  8. Plan a vacation

    1. Not having money is a downer sometimes, but sitting together and planning a vacation for when you have extra money can be a lot of fun! Pick a place and talk about the experiences you want there. Decide if you’re going to take a road trip or fly. Find cheaper hotels or an Airbnb. Figuring out what you want to do together and planning it can bring the two of you together.

  9. Bowling

    1. Research what deals your local bowling alley has available for you, and spend the evening at the bowling alley! Plus, the food is usually really cheap.

  10. Take a drive

    1. Even with outrageous gas prices, you can have a lot of fun exploring areas you haven’t been to before. Go to a neighborhood that has your dream house, or take country roads so that you can enjoy the views.

Looking for ways to keep the romance alive without breaking the bank? Consider taking a stroll through a local park or hiking trail, cooking a gourmet meal together at home, or trying out a new board game or puzzle.

The most important thing about dating is not letting the romance be forgotten. It’s extremely important to continue to go on dates and show your partner your appreciation. If you and your partner need guidance on how to get back to dating one another, the therapists at Mindsight are here to help!

Shelby Case is a new therapist at Mindsight Louisville! Shelby's favorite things include spending time with her animals and her spouse, watching television (currently they are watching Big Brother), and taking road trips. When she isn't providing therapy to clients, she can be found playing video games (her favorite is The Sims 4) or spending too much money at a thrift store. Shelby's favorite color is green and her guilty pleasure is reality TV shows.

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