Mindsight is passionate about the opportunity to support people in our community.  We encourage our staff to fulfill their own passions and offer the opportunity to design, host, and implement their own support services that they feel are needed. Our support services are always growing, so for the most updated support opportunities please Contact Us.


Peer Support Professionals

Peer Support is a service designed for clients to receive support from a trained professional who's been through the same or similar experiences.  A Peer Support Professional can assist with many aspects of daily life that you find struggle in. Whether it be helping you to set personal goals, assist you in working with your case manager or clinician to achieve goals and self-directed recovery. Peer support professionals can assist with problem-solving techniques that have been taught in the treatment process. Ultimately, Peer Support Professionals are the "been there, done that" people that have the necessary training to help you through your life stressors.


LGBTQ Safe Space Support Group

This support group is currently being held in our Danville, KY location. It is run by Kimberly Smith, a Mindsight case manager who is passionate about expanding her ideas to make people feel safe, encouraged and cared for.  During the meeting, members will share stories, information, and coping strategies. This group will provide a safe place where members can share the celebrations and challenges of everyday life. Members may receive support and discover strength and comfort in an authentic community of people who share a similar journey. This group is currently held the fourth Saturday of every month at our Danville office from 4-6pm.  If you are interested in learning more about this group, please contact Kimberly at 606-401-2966 ext 721 or email her at