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Where People Feel Cared For

by Kasey R. Compton, M.Ed. LPCC-S | Designer of Mindsight, PLLC

Mindsight was created in October of 2015 as a place to help people heal. It stemmed from a belief that people deserve experts in care, so why don't we create a place where specialized clinicians can practice and practice well, be results focused, and help clients gain everlasting change. Three years have gone by since we opened the doors of Mindsight, nearly to the day. Happy Anniversary to us! Some days it feels like time has flown and other times it feels like this has been a life-long endeavor. Today it feels satisfying to know that all of the dreams that used be nothing more than some words, scribbles, and figures on a piece of paper have become a reality that has changed the lives of over 4000 people in Kentucky.

As many of you that follow our blogs may know, for the last several months the Mindsight Team has been working hard to determine our Queen Bee Role. For those that aren't aware, this is the ONE thing that we hinge the success of our entire company on. After much deliberation, collectively, we have decided that the one things that we will not compromise, will not function without and will never give up is, "We are Mindsight. Where people feel cared for." This declaration has set the tone for many changes at Mindsight and that's what we want to share with you in this blog.

For months we have looked for an employee that exemplifies our brand promise, "where people feel cared for". We looked through hundreds of resumes, interviewed over 20 top candidates, then we decided to put ourselves out there and do a Facebook Live Job Posting. We asked anyone interested in the position to submit a video telling us why they'd be the perfect person to care for our clients. We watched one video and needed to look no further. Meet Britany Burrus! Mindsight's newest employee, in the newest role in the company, our Client Care Coordinator.

What's a Client Care Coordinator? Here's what you can expect:

  • Our CCC takes all new client inquiries and referrals from community partners with care! Brittany will be the person that you speak to from the initial call throughout the duration of your services with Mindsight. She'll be there to check-in to see how you are feeling about the services you are receiving. She'll ask about your satisfaction with your providers. She'll be providing all new client's with Welcome gifts that express our gratitude for choosing us as a company. She'll also be the one that makes sure you are taken care of, if you were to ever have any concerns with your treatment.

  • When you are working with a large group practice, sometimes people feel like just a number. Our CCC's sole purpose is to make sure that you always feel cared for. Are we perfect? No. We do make mistakes, sometimes things slip through the cracks, but it's never on purpose and it's never because we don't care about you. Britany is the extra set of eyes and ears that keep Mindsight at the forefront of client satisfaction!

  • Our CCC will communicate with referral sources and community partners regularly. We want each person affiliated with Mindsight to feel like they're a part of the Mindsight Family. As a growing company, sometimes that's hard and it takes more than just our Director of Community Outreach to nurture each of our community relationships. We encourage you to reach out to Britany if you have any questions, need ANYTHING, or feel as though there's something we could do differently to better meet your patient's needs.

Our Client Care Coordinator is as smart as she is warm and fuzzy! She genuinely cares about people and loves to help those in need. She might kill us for doing this but we are so proud of having such a remarkable and genuine employee that we want to share Britany's perspective on why she would make an excellent Client Care Coordinator! (This is the video she submitted to be considered for the position.)

What does this all mean for you?

If you're a current client of Mindsight or a future client of Mindsight, Britany can't wait to serve you (as long as she hasn't quit after this blog post!)

We truly care about each and every one of our clients and as a company we strive to make an impact on all of the communities we serve.

It is our hope that this new Queen Bee Role, the Client Care Coordinator, will give you or your friend or family member the sense of feeling cared for and encouraged so that they can get well through the therapy process.

To get more information or to schedule an appointment with Brittany, click here!

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