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Resource Round-Up for COVID-19

CoronApocolypse with a side of quarantine has been a difficult time for all of us. I guarantee that if someone had told you a year ago that many of us would be asked to stay home because of a global pandemic, you would have thought they were crazy. And I would have been right there with you!

But sadly, that is exactly what happened and now we have to deal with the aftermath. Many people are feeling an increase in depression, isolation, and anxiety. We’re all just trying to do the best we can.

So to help everyone find resources, we've compiled a number of blogs from our amazing team of mental health professionals that may help ease your mind during these crazy times...

We all want to feel better, ESPECIALLY during seasons when life feels uncertain. Tracy McQuarter, an LPCA at our Somerset location, had a lot to say about how to help yourself feel better: "It is important to find ways to cope with stress. We can find ways to be more positive and minimize feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. How you manage your mental health will set the tone for your household. You can be an example for your spouse, partner, roommate, children, and all who live under your roof."

Check out her blog here!

Lauren Ray, one of the counselors on our Richmond Team (soon moving to exclusively online counseling!), wrote a lovely piece about how to focus on what you can control during COVID. (And it's not your snack consumption!) She says, "These Spring 2020 stay-at-home orders don’t have to be lonely. Social distance doesn’t have to mean several weeks of uncontrollable worrying about the economy. Stressing about your child’s educational future. Or, anxiety about any of the five hundred other things that are legitimate and serious concerns during this time. Depression is not inevitable."

You can read more about that here!

Our CEO, Kasey Compton, is super passionate about making people feel that they belong and are cared for. In these scary times, it's easy to push your personal concerns to the side and tell yourself that what you're going through is nothing compared to what others struggle with. But the truth is that you matter. You deserve to receive the help and care that you need. Read more!

Because Mindsight is the place where people feel cared for, we knew that we had to find a way to help people deal with all the corona craziness. One idea we came up with was making our counselors available to people who might need immediate, emergent care. We started a Counselors On Call program where someone in need could call our office at 606-401-2966 and be connected with a team member almost instantly. Our CEO, Kasey, talks more about this program here.

Does anyone else struggle with worrying? One of our incredible case managers, Bonnie Whitis, used to worry almost constantly. She's taken many steps to feel like her anxiety is under control and she has been generous to share with us! Read about her journey here!

Recovery during a pandemic can be super tricky. No one expects to have to fight through this level of concern in addition to also trying to stay sober. Chrystah Mullins, one of our case managers and a Temporary Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, gave us some awesome tips to stay on track if this is something you're going through. Check those out here.

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