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Mindsight: The Reasons Why

by Rebekah Sidebottom, LMFT

Mindsight Behavioral Group | Campbellsville, KY

Check out this video blog by Rebekah Sidebottom, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Mindsight's Campbellsville location. Rebekah touches on all things counseling; reasons why someone seeks therapy and reasons why someone does not want to seek therapy. She ends the video discussion talking about our newest location in Campbellsville, KY and all the services Mindsight offers to clients!

Rebekah's goal is to start an interactive blog series that will engage her listeners by encouraging them to ask questions and provide feedback that she will respond to in following video blogs. For more information about Rebekah and her team, check this out!

Please comment and share! Rebekah will answer all questions and reply to feedback in her next blog!

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