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5 Things We are Looking for in an Incredible Counselor!

Hi, Bubbly Britany the HR Director here!

Guess what?

Mindsight is hiring! 

We are looking for an Incredible Counselor who is a perfect fit for our team. We know you’re out there! It’s super important to us that every employee we hire aligns with our core values! Here are 5 KEY TRAITS that every employee at Mindsight has to have!


Not hungry, because you haven’t had lunch yet! We want someone who is hungry in the sense that they want more from life. Someone with a sense that if they work hard, they can move up in status (be it financially, with skill, with responsibility, or with experience), and that status will allow you to have more life experiences, to make more of a difference, and to gain more freedom and independence.

This trait is so important for all of our employees to possess because we are looking for a go-getter. We want our staff to be driven and motivated to work their hardest for themselves and the company. Driven doesn’t mean you can’t be laidback. In fact, we consider being fun and laidback a plus in our employees! We like to have fun together, but we also know that the work must get done.


Humility is also very important to us. Here at Mindsight, we feel that you absolutely cannot be effective in this field without this trait. We know we aren’t perfect. We also know that neither you nor your clients will be either. Humility offers grace when we don’t get things 100% right, but it also takes responsibility and seeks to correct itself.

We look for humble employees because we want to foster an environment where our staff are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve. We believe that the company is stronger when we have humble counselors who want to see the company and their fellow employees succeed.


Emotional intelligence is the name of the game for counselors. We want someone who can use their best judgment to effectively empathize and ethically make decisions in regards to their clients.

Good intuition is also a big part of what we are looking for under this smart category. This provides for counselors who are able to understand and anticipate what their clients will need from them without crossing professional boundaries.


We expect all of our clinicians to possess the trait of reliability. Our clients are the most important part of what we do, and our purpose at Mindsight is to make sure every client feels cared for. So we look for client-focused counselors who stick to their promises to their clients. We expect you to do what you say you are going to do. We need to be able to rely on you, as do your clients. You absolutely cannot cancel on your clients unless it's an emergency. The clients that you will be supporting NEED you. They were strong enough to seek help, so you need to be strong enough to be that help that they need.

Independent but Team-Oriented

Independence and team-minded go hand-in-hand in our book. We want you to be able to handle what is thrown at you and hit the ground running. We need you to be telehealth-ready and want to set your own schedule. This is not to say that we will put you to work with no preparation! We will not set you up to fail. That’s where the team comes in!

Our goal is to give our clinicians wrap-around support so that they can work independently to provide the best care for their clients knowing that they are part of a team that has their back. At Mindsight, we have a team of administrators whose sole focus is making sure that every system and process functions as it should so that every client can feel cared for. We have a clinical director and team leaders for every location so that every client is sure to get the best care. 

Of course, the added support does come with an extra level of accountability. We did that on purpose. We know that people who are hungry, humble, smart, and reliable will thrive knowing that there is a team behind them helping them grow clinically to reach their full potential.

Let me be clear. We expect a lot from all of our employees. We are, however, a company that cares for all of our clients AND all of our employees! If you possess all of the qualities above and want to work for a company that is fair, supportive, innovative and, truly, I mean truly, cares about YOU, then this is the company for you!

You can apply to be an incredible counselor at: