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5 Budget-Friendly Ways Seniors Can Feel Their Best During COVID-19

As a senior, you know it’s important to stay safe and stay home, even as coronavirus-related restrictions begin to lift around the country. But while staying home protects you from contracting COVID-19, it can take a toll on your health in other ways.

From sitting too much to dealing with the mental health impacts of social isolation, staying home has been hard on many seniors’ well-being. If you’re looking for ways to lift your spirits and feel better during the coronavirus pandemic, check out these five budget-friendly ideas you can do at home!

Eat Depression-Fighting Foods

Everyone knows that a nutritious diet is important for a strong immune system. However, many people don’t realize that what you eat affects mental health, too. If you’ve been doing your best to eat a healthy diet but are still feeling down, try incorporating more depression-fighting foods into your diet. Dark chocolate, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, and even beans are known to benefit mental health, plus they’re affordable, too! If you don’t have much wiggle room in your grocery budget, save money by using grocery apps to compare prices and find coupons.

Limit Your Junk Food Intake

It’s easy to rely on convenience foods when getting to the grocery store is difficult, but eating a ton of processed foods during the pandemic isn’t a good idea. Not only does the sodium, saturated fat, and sugar found in processed foods contribute to weight gain and chronic health problems, but they can also lead to low energy. For healthy meal ideas that don’t require a trip to the grocery store, check out this list of 30+ meals you can make using cheap, shelf-stable ingredients you already have on hand! With a few spices and herbs, you can turn simple ingredients into a delicious, nutritious meal.

Get Active Indoors and Out

After nutrition, exercise is the most important factor in a healthy body and mind. There are lots of exercises that seniors can do indoors using free fitness resources, but don’t be afraid to get some fresh air with outdoor exercise, too! It’s safe to exercise outdoors during the pandemic as long as you maintain social distancing and stay away from busy parks and trails. However, there are still the usual outdoor hazards like uneven pavement and hot temperatures, so make sure you have a supportive pair of athletic shoes and appropriate clothing. If you need new athletic gear before getting outdoors, you can find high-quality shoes and apparel online, but with a Nike promo code and cashback offers, you can get it for a low price, too.

Remember to Move

While daily exercise is important, it’s not enough to get active for 30 minutes a day. Seniors should also make a point to stand up and move their bodies intermittently throughout the day. Even simple movements like standing and stretching combat the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle, which include an increased risk of physical disability. If you have trouble remembering to stand every 20-30 minutes, invest in a fitness tracker that reminds you to move. Affordable fitness trackers can be found as low as $35. If that’s still too high, try smartphone apps that fight back against a sedentary lifestyle.

Stay (Safely) Socially Connected

Finally, seniors need a way to stay connected to friends and family even while staying home. Social isolation is a major threat to senior well-being — in fact, it’s often compared to smoking for its deadly effects. While it’s safe to have neighborly conversations from the front porch as coronavirus restrictions are lifted, many seniors still aren’t comfortable inviting family or friends into their homes. Nonetheless, seniors can stay connected using free video calling apps like Zoom, Facetime, and Skype. If your smartphone screen is too small for a comfortable conversation, a tablet is a worthy — and budget-friendly — upgrade.

You may be eager to get out of the house and get back to normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable in the meantime! If the coronavirus pandemic has been hard on your health — both mental and physical — start looking for simple ways that you can start feeling better at home. With a few affordable adjustments like these, you can make staying home during COVID-19 a much more pleasant experience.

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