Mental health awareness, training, and education are among the foundation of Mindsight's value system. We believe that providers, clients, community partners should be life-long learners; always growing their knowledge of important mental health issues. 

Clinical Training

Mindsight offers clinical training opportunities to its staff as well as other providers in Kentucky. Topics vary throughout each year and are often tailored to the needs of the community in which we serve. We are providers of the Peer Support Curriculum approved in the state of Kentucky.   We host both in-person training as well as Web Conferencing, depending on the nature of the training. 

Public Education & Training

Mindsight offers a variety of training for individuals, parents, and diagnosis-specific awareness. Mindsight is proud to provide psycho-education opportunities to the parents of children suffering from anxiety and panic disorders. We teach parents how to appropriately interact with their child in this situation and teach specific interventions that are very successful in reducing adverse symptoms. We offer training in the areas of parenting, diagnoses, unwanted symptoms, trauma, and parent-child interactions. We host both in-person training as well as Web Conferencing, depending on the nature of the training.