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We believe that counseling for Trauma should be accessible to anyone in Kentucky!

Trauma Informed


Trauma Focused

You have trauma.

Trauma does not have you.

Trauma tends to create roadblocks in the path to healing.

While this is normal, these roadblocks CAN be moved out of the way. EMDR can help assist you in removing those roadblocks so you can really heal.

Fifteen and counting of Mindsight's caring and professional counselors in Kentucky have been working tirelessly to become trained in EMDR Therapy so they can be an ally to help you remove those roadblocks.

EMDR Works!

EMDR is versatile and can be used to treat a variety of Mental Health concerns! 

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Trauma

  • Depression


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What is EMDR?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of psychotherapy that allows people to heal from emotional distress that is the result of traumatic life experiences. EMDR focuses on the theory that traumatic experiences can act as a roadblock in the healing process and that once that is removed the healing process can resume!


How does EMDR Therapy Work?

When traumatic events happen to us, those memories are stored in the brain with no time or date associated with them. This causes us to feel like those events are happening all over again. EMDR works by changing the way these traumatic or negative memories are stored. EMDR therapy helps you file these memories away by the date that they occurred. 


You won’t forget these traumatic memories but it will make them easier to deal with. 

 You can look at a scar and see hurt or you can look at a scar and see healing.

~Sheri Renloyds

You Don’t Have to relive your Trauma forever. With EMDR You can REALLY heal!

Starting EMDR Therapy




Start Your Healing Journey

EMDR Therapy 


Two women sitting with each othe talking. They could switch to online counseling in Kentucky at Mindsight Behavioral Group | Online Therapy in Kentucky can help!

Evidence-based counseling strategies and interventions designed to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and grief. All services are provided by Master's Level Counselors. Click the heart to take the first step.

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Community Garden with women walking through pointing. Communty support can happen wth onlne therapists in Kentucky. Mindsight Behavioral Group can hep connect you to the online counseling services in Kentucky that you need today!

Community Support takes your counseling interventions to the next level. Where a counselor is there to diagnose and treat, a  CSS helps reinforce the interventions recommended so that you see results faster and overcome your hurts and hangups.  Click the heart to take the first step.

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Group of people holding hands in support of each other. Case management can happen with online counseling services in Kentucky with Mindsight Behavioral Group | Online Therapy in Kentucky can help you heal!

This valuable service helps our clients to secure the resources they need during this time of COVID-19 virus. Resources are limited but help is available and our CMs want to be there. Click the heart to take the first step.

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Friends in Staduim looking comfortable. Telehealth services in Kentucky can include peer support from Mindsight Behavioral Group. Online Therapy in Kentucky can help you!

Our Peer Support program was built on the belief that people need people. Our Peer Support Specialists are matched with clients who are suffering from what they have already overcome.  Whether it's depression, addiction, or grief, we've been there.  Click to the heart to take the first step.

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