Our team of online counseling providers offers services through a HIPAA compliant portal that meets you where you are, literally. Learn more about our providers and their specializations below.


At Mindsight, we try to keep things simple.  We want to make therapy as easy and accessible as possible. For this reason, we have decided to expand our services to provide both face-to-face and online services to our clients. 


Have you ever considered therapy, but too many obstacles got in the way of scheduling your appointment? For some people, the thought of sitting in a waiting room and possibly seeing someone you know is enough to prevent them from getting the therapy they need to live a fulfilling life. 


If you have ever had any of these concerns, or if you're just a busy person with a lot to juggle, Telehealth is a great option for you! Our online portal will allow you to access your Provider via computer or App compatible with iOS or Android device. Our Telehealth providers are top-notch clinicians, confident in their ability to help you meet your goals. 

The process is simple, which is why so many clients prefer it. 




We care about you and your background with therapy. So many times people come to counseling only to be disappointed. We want to change that by offering an awesome client-centered telehealth experience.


 Choose your provider.

Contact us to check their availability.

Schedule your appointment.

Complete online consent forms. 

Enter their personal Waiting Room through our HIPAA compliant portal.



We have several Telehealth options for you including Behavioral Health Clinicians, Certified Life Coaches, and Pharmacy Consultants. Each is highly regarded in their field and eager to work with you!


It's normal to have questions about counseling, especially Telehealth. Take a moment to call our office and speak to someone whose job is to make you feel cared for. Call 606-401-2966 and for our Client Care Coordinator! Don't have time for a phone call, send her an email by clicking here.



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