Batterer's Intervention Program in Kentucky

Batterer's Intervention Program

We can help stop the
abusive and controlling behavior.

What is BIP?

Batterer's Intervention Program, or BIP, is a 28-week program geared toward helping domestic violence perpetrators break the cycle of violence in their relationships, build empathy toward others, and create a plan for restitution for those they have hurt.

Often this program is court-ordered, but you do not have to be referred by the courts to enroll.

Participants are required to complete at least 20 of the 28 sessions in order to successfully finish the program.

Sessions may include the following topics:
  • Effects of domestic violence on victims and witnesses
  • Cycle of violence and other dynamics of domestic violence​
  • Personal responsibility for domestic violence
  • Use of power, control, and coercion in an intimate relationship
  • The roles of alcohol and drug abuse in domestic violence
  • Constructive and nonviolent methods for resolving conflict
  • Parenting after violence
  • Relapse prevention techniques


Our team of compassionate BIP Specialists are trained to help you create a plan to  prevent relapses. 



When you face the problem head on,
you can make a change.

Step 1:
Call our office

Speak with our client care coordinator and learn the next steps.


Step 2:
Interview and assessment

You'll meet with one of our BIP Specialists who will interview you to see if you meet the BIP critera.

Step 3:
Join your treatment group

Complete your 20 weeks of treatment, your individual progress review sessions, and your treatment tasks.

Step 4:
Discharge planning session

Complete an exit interview with a BIP Specialist to review your progress and finalize your relapse prevention plan.

Why BIP rather than Anger Management?

Because domestic violence and angry outbursts both tend to result in violence, many confuse these two treatments or think they are interchangeable, but in truth, Anger Management classes are not advised for domestic violence situations and can increase danger for the victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is a result of premeditated, controlling behavior rather than an angry outburst. While someone who struggles to control their anger may become violent, an abusive partner enacts control over their family or significant other in other to keep power and control within the relationship.

BIP is designed to help batterers understand the impact of their actions, empathize with their victims, and change the patterns of thought that led to the abusive and controlling behavior. Anger management only teaches stress and time management techniques with a focus on controlling emotion.